UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet at POSTAL ANNEX 21004

Staffed Full-Service UPS Shipping and Drop Off Services
UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet
342 EUCLID AVE 406
Located Inside
Temporarily closed

This location is temporarily closed. Please visit another UPS Location nearby in the meantime.

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Services at this Location
  • Create a New Shipment
  • Drop Off
  • Packaging & Shipping Supplies

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  • UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet at POSTAL ANNEX 21004 UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet at POSTAL ANNEX 21004

    UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet in POSTAL ANNEX 21004 at 342 EUCLID AVE, SAN DIEGO, CA

    Staffed Full-Service UPS Shipping and Drop Off Services

    It should be easy to find a UPS drop off point near you to ship your packages. Customers that want to ship with UPS can go to our Authorized Shipping Outlet located inside of POSTAL ANNEX 21004 in SAN DIEGO, CA. Customers that visit this location may create new shipments, purchase packaging and shipping supplies, and drop off pre-packaged pre-labeled UPS shipments for pickups. Our location is staffed with individuals that can guide you through the shipping process from start to finish.

    Pack-And-Ship Services Available at a UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet Near You

    When life gets hectic, it can be tough to remember to pick up shipping supplies or to send out a package before a special occasion. When you get busy, our pack-and-ship services are available to help save you time and make the shipping process simple. Our full-service UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet in SAN DIEGO, CA, is available to provide accessible shipping services that work with your schedule. Create a new shipment, or bring in a pre-packaged pre-labeled UPS shipment, drop it off at our service station, and trust that our location will help get your package to where it needs to be. Staff are available on-site to help answer questions about your shipment or to help with any issues that may arise. Packaging and shipping supplies such as loose fill packaging, encapsulated-air plastic (bubble) sheeting, boxes, and more are available for purchase.

    International Services and Expertise

    We have everything you need to cross borders for international shipping, with speed and reliability you can trust. UPS offers a variety of international services to meet your budget, desired transit time, and tracking visibility needs, with options ranging from cost-effective global shipping to our fastest services for your most urgent international shipments. Let our experts help you correctly prepare your international shipments and navigate export and customs regulations to avoid delays or custom holds.

    UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet at 342 EUCLID AVE, SAN DIEGO, CA

    Shipping a package shouldn’t be stressful. Instead, it should be easily accessible and convenient for all customers to complete and continue with their day. With multiple shipping locations throughout SAN DIEGO, UPS makes it easier to find reliable shipping services wherever you are. Visit our local UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet near you to drop off pre-packaged pre-labeled shipments, create a new shipment, and purchase packaging & shipping supplies.